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The Super ActivO™

Mobile odor control machine

The Super ActivO™ ozone generator is the global leader in its performance class. The Super ActivO™ is a rugged and fully mobile ozone generator designed for use by restoration professionals performing indoor fire and flood deodorization to eliminate odors from smoke, mold, mildew, and sewage. The Super ActivO™ utilizes the unique U.S patented double dielectric barrier discharge technology to achieve an industry-leading ozone output of 12,000 mg/h under ambient air conditions. This high level of ozone is especially ideal in treating homes and buildings with fire damage where it is well known that remediation is best achieved with high concentrations of ozone.

Unique Deactivation Cycle

The Super ActivO™ features both an activation cycle and a unique fully automated deactivation cycle. This deactivation cycle rapidly clears an area of ozone after the ozone treatment is completed, minimizing the time that an air restoration professional must spend performing air treatment. The Super ActivO™ complies with UL, FCC, and CSA standards.


Odor removing and surface sanitizing in the restoration of homes and buildings
after fire and flood disasters, and in hotel rooms and care homes.

Application Process

The Super ActivO™ ozone application process requires first removing people, pets, plants, and items containing natural rubber from an enclosed area. Super ActivO™ operation is then achieved by using a built-in digital keypad to select room size and treatment time up to 50 hours. When the Super ActivO™ is turned on, a flashing yellow light gives the operator a one-minute warning to leave the room before ozone generation beings. When ozone generation starts, the buzzer sounds 10 blasts. When treatment has been completed including the ozone deactivation cycle, the Super ActivO™ buzzer sounds again and the flashing light goes off. The deactivation cycle has removed the residual ozone and the area may immediately be re-occupied.

Other Typical Applications

Other typical applications of the Super ActivO™ include use by hotel and restaurant personnel to remove odors from large rooms contaminated by tobacco smoke, as well as to eliminate odors found in banquet halls and garbage storage areas and after painting.



Ozone can adversely affect indoor plants, and damage materials such as rubber, electrical wire coatings, and fabrics and artwork containing susceptible dyes and pigments (U.S. EPA,1996a).

Odor Ozone Generator

Ecozone Super ActivO Ozone Generator

Revolutionizing Indoor Deodorization for Restoration Professionals

When it comes to delivering exceptional performance in the field of indoor deodorization, one name stands above the rest: the Super ActivO™ ozone generator. As a global leader in its class, the Super ActivO™ offers unrivaled capabilities, empowering restoration professionals to combat odors caused by smoke, mold, mildew, and sewage in fire and flood-damaged environments. Discover how this rugged and fully mobile ozone generator, armed with innovative double dielectric barrier discharge technology, can revolutionize your restoration efforts.

Unleashing the Power of Double Dielectric Barrier Discharge Technology

At the core of the Super ActivO™ ozone generator lies its ground breaking double dielectric barrier discharge technology, a unique U.S. patented innovation. This advanced technology allows the Super ActivO™ to achieve an industry-leading ozone output of 12,000 mg/h, even under ambient air conditions. By harnessing the power of this high level of ozone concentration, the Super ActivO™ becomes an indispensable tool for restoring homes and buildings damaged by fire, where effective remediation heavily relies on the use of concentrated ozone.

Unmatched Mobility and Rugged Design

Restoration professionals require equipment that can keep up with their demanding tasks and work environments. The Super ActivO™ ozone generator delivers on this front with its fully mobile and rugged design. Built to withstand the challenges of the restoration industry, this ozone generator offers unparalleled mobility, allowing professionals to easily transport it to various job sites.

The robust construction of the Super ActivO™ ensures its durability, even in harsh conditions. Its rugged design guarantees that it can handle the rigors of fire and flood restoration projects, providing reliability when it matters most.

Tackling Odors with Precision

The Super ActivO™ ozone generator’s primary mission is to eliminate persistent odors resulting from fire, mold, mildew, and sewage. With its potent ozone output and state-of-the-art technology, this device tackles odors at their source, leaving behind fresh, clean air.

Restoration professionals can rely on the Super ActivO™ to neutralize smoke odors that permeate fire-damaged structures. Its ability to penetrate deep into porous materials ensures thorough deodorization, providing effective results that go beyond surface-level treatment.

Furthermore, in cases of water damage and mold contamination, the Super ActivO™ rises to the occasion. Its ozone generation capabilities target mold spores and mildew, effectively reducing their presence and eliminating associated odors. By eradicating the root cause, this ozone generator prevents the recurrence of unpleasant smells.

Elevating Restoration Standards

With the Super ActivO™ ozone generator, restoration professionals gain a powerful tool that elevates their standards of remediation. By harnessing the industry-leading ozone output, restoration experts can confidently address fire and flood-damaged structures, knowing they have the means to combat persistent odors effectively.

The portability and durability of the Super ActivO™ ensure seamless integration into restoration workflows, enabling professionals to navigate challenging environments and deliver outstanding results.

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Key Features


Technicians Review

  • Input voltage: Europe 230V; 50Hz / North America 120V; 60Hz.
  • Power consumption: 350W.
  • Air distribution flow rate: 600mp/h.
  • Ozone output: 12,000mg/h.
  • Cycle times settings: from 15 minutes to 48 hours.
  • Weight: 40kg/88lb

Other Features

    • Fully automatic activation and deactivation cycles.
    • Cycle time 15 minutes to 50 hours with ozone deactivation, up to 72 hours without ozone deactivation
    • Control: digital keypad and display
    • Free parameter setting of room size and treatment time
    • Large wheels for easy rolling; leave no tracks.
    • 4v ozone output duct for optional ozone routing to remote ozone room

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    Odor Ozone Generator

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