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Water Damage and Flood Repair in Scarborough

Water is one of the most common causes of damage, impacting your property’s structural integrity. Whether flooding, pipe leaks/bursts, overflows, sewage issues, plumbing problems, and or appliance malfunctions, water can leave your home with extensive damage.

In addition to pipe bursts and flooding, a leaking roof, sewer backup, clogged gutters, toilet overflows, poor drainage, and damaged foundation can compromise your property’s structural integrity. Flooding creates a long-term impact on your residential or commercial property’s condition, causing:

  • Severe damage to electrical connections, leading to life-threatening matters
  • Structural damages that cause cracks and holes in walls
  • Rotting and rusting of metal structures
  • Favorable growth environment for bacteria, mold, and pests
  • Contamination of drinking water system, increasing health hazards/risks

Therefore, you must take immediate action to reduce the risk of damage. GTA Restoration has a team of qualified professionals with years of experience and extensive knowledge of removing water, repairing, and restoring your property from water-related damages.

Water Damage Flood Repair Scarborough

Water Damage Flood Repair Scarborough

Water Damage Restoration in Scarborough

GTA Restoration is a community-oriented water damage and flood restoration company in Scarborough. We care for households and make substantial efforts to educate them on water damage.

So, your first step is to ensure the safety of your family members after spotting water damage in your home. Turn off electric and gas appliances and evacuate the property immediately to prevent harm.

GTA Restoration offers comprehensive services, including water damage restoration, to remove excess water, humidity, and moisture from your home. Likewise, we have quality tools to dry the affected materials and restore the property to its pre-water-damage state.

Besides, we offer remediation services that involve water and moisture removal and drying the damaged areas to prevent complications in the future. We follow a step-by-step approach to streamline the process and minimize damage to your property. GTA Restoration certified and skilled team in Scarborough performs:

Detailed Inspection

The first step of GTA Restoration’s water damage and flood restoration service in Scarborough is a detailed inspection. Our expert team will inspect your home and determine whether they can restore structures and materials.

Likewise, it allows us to determine what needs removal or replacement. Besides, our certified team will start the process by identifying the root cause of the problem.

Remember, this is essential if the cause of the water damage is unclear. So this enables us to come up with sophisticated solutions and work efficiently and reliably. Our team will inspect the entire home, including areas like:

  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry room and washing machine
  • Under sinks and plumbing
  • Furnace and duct work
  • Crawlspaces
  • Ceiling
  • Water heater or boiler
  • Furniture
  • Doors

We may also inspect the outside of your home to check whether the roof, eavestrough, gutters, sheds, garage, and water sources have endured damages. Checking for water damage is a thorough process, requiring our professionals to look for the following:

  • Watermarks, wet spots, or patches on the ceiling
  • Discoloration on the indoor space walls
  • Cracked or flaked drywalls
  • Mold on walls (it indicates the problem is more than the surface level)
  • Warped floors (higher moisture levels underneath the floorboards)
  • Rust and rots
  • Strange or foul odors due to poor ventilation

Water Removal, Drying, and Cleaning

Once our professional team thoroughly inspects your home, they will start the water removal. We use quality equipment and tools, including pumps, to remove excess water. We also use air scrubbers and dehumidifiers to reduce the risk of mold accumulation.

Depending on the damage extent, we may remove flooring, drywall, and insulation. The purpose is to prevent mold, mildew, and other allergens from spreading in your home. We will dry out and clean the furniture, but if the water damage is severe, we will advise you to throw it away.

Bear in mind that water and moisture can cause significant damage to hardware floors, so starting the remediation process is essential. GTA Restoration’s team will repair and clean your home with water damage using powerful tools, such as:

  • Dehumidifying Tools
  • Sanitation equipment
  • Axial fans and air movers
  • Flooring drying equipment
  • Moisture meters
  • Disinfecting products

Mold Prevention

Mold is one of the biggest enemies of your residential property because it eats away materials like wood and drywall. Not only does mold accumulation damage your property’s structural integrity, but it also affects your home floor to the ceiling due to extreme infestations. Neglecting mold can result in irreparable damage.

Water is one of the leading causes of mold growth. The severity of mold accumulation and growth depends on various factors, including water damage and how effectively and quickly you clean and dry it. Whether mild, moderate, or severe mold issue in your home, GTA Restoration’s team can remove it immediately.

At the same time, we conduct thorough indoor air quality tests to detect the spores and prevent them from spreading in the indoor space. We use quality equipment, including thermal cameras and infrared scanners, to detect mold spores and remove them effectively. The purpose is to improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of respiratory conditions.

Why GTA Restoration?

Water damage and flooding are daunting, frustrating, and panic-causing problems for Scarborough homeowners. However, if you act immediately and call GTA Restoration for water extraction/removal, our team can protect your home and reduce the risk of structural damage. GTA Restoration has:

Licensed Professionals

GTA Restoration has been in the business for 24 years and has helped hundreds of households overcome water flooding and relevant damages. We have a comprehensive recruitment mechanism, allowing us to perform background checks and review candidates’ credentials before hiring them. The goal is to hire licensed and certified professionals with years of experience, so they can serve our clients efficiently, reliably, and professionally.

24/7 Availability

Experts at GTA Restoration, Scarborough, believe that time is of the essence when it comes to restoring your home due to water damage. We offer 24/7 emergency services at affordable prices to ensure everything goes smoothly. Likewise, our team develops a contingency plan to encounter water damage in the future.

Assistance with Insurance Claims

GTA Restoration’s team performs a comprehensive inspection to fully understand the extent of water damage. So, we can help you document the damages, allowing you to file the claim quickly and get the most out of your insurance.

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Water can cause significant damage to your property, costing a lot of money on restoration, renovation, and remodeling. GTA Restoration is a reputable company offering quality water damage and flood restoration services in Scarborough.

We have highly trained professionals who use cutting-edge techniques to streamline inspection, extraction, drying, and restoration. Contact us today for more information or schedule an inspection appointment.

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Flood Cleanup Service Scarborough

What makes GTA Restoration the best water damage service provider in Scarborough is that we always guarantee our customers for a fast reliable service each and every time. Having performed and completed thousands of water damage, sewer backup and burst pipe repairs, we believe in the importance of trained personnel and efficient equipment. Our water damage repair certified technicians are highly trained and are fully IICRC certified.

Commercial & Residential Water Damage Inspection

Our experts perform water damage restoration according to industry guidelines established by the Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification Institute. Our crews are equipped and ready to dispatch for emergency property damage. We invest in the latest technology and advanced technology to quickly and efficiently restore your home to pre-disaster conditions. In the dewatering and dewatering phase, we use air transfer devices, air dryers and air cleaners.

Scarborough Water Damage Property Inspection

We use flood drying equipment to work quickly, minimize potential damage and prevent secondary damage such as mold. We use advanced technology to measure the amount of water or moisture in your floor, walls and ceilings so that all the water is 100% extracted, drained and dried. Mold growth can develop within 24-hours after water damage has accrued, so it is necessary to establish an industry standard water damage procedure and use effective equipment to ensure that no water remains in your home or business.


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Water leaks cost money and cause serious property damage!.

GTA Restoration is independent, your interests are our priority. We have extensive experience with insurers, their excuses for not paying insurance and how to deal with them. We take pride in what we do and want to help our customers understand the leak detection process.

Call us now or browse the website to learn more about the technology we use, including thermal imaging, acoustic water leak detection, and much more. We also have information about the insurance process and FAQs that answer many common questions.

We understand the stress of a property damage we can advise an insurance claim can be made if necessary to minimize the financial impact.


We understand that any situation involving Biohazards Waste Contamination in your home or business can cause stress and anxiety, which is why Contact GTA Restoration right away @ (800) 506-6048 for dependable & experienced biohazard cleanup & remediation services.

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