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Guidance For Disinfecting Sanitizing Commercial Residential Buildings In Toronto

Guidance For Disinfecting Sanitizing Commercial Residential Buildings In Toronto

We offer 24/7 emergency virus sanitizing and disinfection services in Toronto and the GTA including Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Scarborough and more.

GTA Restoration now offers priority Coronavirus COVID-19 Sanitizing and Disinfection services for all public spaces, businesses, churches, hotels, condominiums, municipalities, nursing homes and government buildings including libraries, office spaces and more!

24/7 Services for Virus Decontamination and Disinfection

Our team is specially trained and industry certified to help safely remove biohazard and viral contaminants from any public or private space. We are also industry certified to decontaminate and sanitize the scene to make it safe for public or private use.

Virus Cleaning & Disinfection Services

GTA Restoration provides best-in-class decontamination solutions and equipment to ensure these spaces are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and decontaminated quickly and completely. Our areas of specialization include:

  • -Biohazard Containment
  • -Biohazard Clean-up and Decontamination
  • -Treatment and Decontamination of Hard Surfaces
  • -Commercial Virus Sanitization & Disinfection

GTA Restoration Biohazard Direct Response Team: Virus Decontamination

As valued clients, your safety has always been, and remains, our number one priority. We train comprehensively for biohazard emergency scenarios as part of our overall emergency response readiness. We also have our own GTA Biohazard Direct Response Team; and have been monitoring the concerns and conditions closely as the global Coronavirus situation continues to unfold.

Disinfection Service Team in Toronto and the GTA

Public Safety!

From the onset of the coronavirus, we have been closely following with the  Public Health Agency of Canada  (PHAC), Transport Canada and other agencies around the world to ensure we are aware of, and aligned with, guidance regarding public safety.

Our technicians across Toronto and GTA are involved in the planning and implementation of our response to this public concern. In addition to the standard cleaning that has been part of our daily maintenance schedule; we have also introduced additional measures to increase the sanitization of all of our surrounding communities.

Properly Disinfect Your Properties: Business, Offices and Home

It is our business to disinfect and sanitize properties using industry-approved products and use commercial-grade wipes and spray for our cleaning processes. These products are used to clean and disinfect all surfaces in public areas and common spaces.

GTA Restoration is also equipped with state-of-the-art  HEPA filters  and Hydroxyl Generator Air Treatment Systems. These filters and systems achieve a viral and bacterial removal efficiency of greater than 99.99 percent. These air units also introduce fresh air into indoor spaces every two to three minutes.

Sanitizing Service Team in Toronto and the GTA

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COVID-19 Country / City Wide Updates (City Response, Cleaning & Disinfection Measurements)

Below content written 3/19/2020

The situation surrounding the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) is rapidly changing since its beginning in the city of Wuhan, China at the end of 2019. As the disease spreads and is affecting more countries, more research is being done into how the virus works, and how it spreads. Research has suggested that social isolation is effective at slowing the spread of the disease, as there has been more and more cases of community spread, especially in Canada.

In light of how the situation is progressing in other countries, especially those hardest hit, like Italy, South Korea, and Iran. Toronto Public Health officials have deemed it necessary to take preventative measures to curb the spread to “flatten the curve”. Flattening the curve refers to the exponential curve used in mathematical models to predict the spread of the disease. Preventative measures include things such as practicing social distancing, avoiding public gatherings, staying home and making sure most of the population has a smaller chance of coming into contact with infected. These measures decreases the rate at which the disease spreads, to ensure the number of infected don’t overwhelm health resources.

The city of Toronto is taking these measures into account, and health officials have made recommendations to restaurants and bars to stop offering dine in services. They have also advised other sorts of businesses such as nightclubs, movie theaters and concert venues to close all together. Failure to comply to these recommendations could face consequences, such as being ordered to close, violation of this order would penalized by heavy fines, up to $25,000 dollars per day that they remain open. While compliance with these orders won’t be easy for many businesses, it’s a necessary move to make sure the virus does not spread further within communities.

Health officials are also urging people to stay at home whenever possible, saying that every avoided interaction helps “flattening the curve” ensuring that the number of infected are spread over a larger amount of time so that each individual that requires health resources such as hospitalization can access such resources. There have been 145 cases of COVID-19 in Ontario as of March 16th. The city’s mayor is asking residents that have the ability to self isolate to do so. Avoid being in groups whenever possible. The Prime Minister also warns that the nationwide closures, travel restrictions and social distancing measures could last anywhere for weeks to months, while the government follows the advice of medical experts.

These measures don’t mean that restaurants have to shut down all together, businesses that provide the food take out and/or delivery, as urged to keep those options available to provide their services while limiting social interaction at the same time.

Uber Eats has been taking action to support independent restaurants across the country. Delivery fees are being waived on Uber Eats orders from those restaurants across Canada and the U.S.

The city is also taking measures to ensure that stores can maintain essential goods and materials in stock. Retailers are exempt from the bylaws that govern the city’s noise levels, so that they can receive deliveries 24/7. This was done in light of stores running out of essential goods as worried citizens flocked to stores to stock up on essentials.

Toronto Mayor John Tory has also announced that he was forming a task force to protect the economy from the negative effects that the virus has started to have to business. The task force’s responsibilities include identifying immediate and long term economy strategies focused on recovery for businesses and residents. These strategies will have a strong focus on sectors of the economy most harshly affected by COVID-19, such as the tourism and entertainment industries.

As part of finding immediate measures to put in place, Tory has said that the city will allow businesses a grace period for tax and other city payments for 30 days at least. He is also suggesting the provincial and federal governments to loosen or waive the penalties for business owners that do not remit HST on time.

In addition to this, the city will establish a contingency fund to support affected businesses and groups. The mayor wants to make sure that employees of certain city run functions, such as daycares, recreation centers and museums are paid for their planned shifts.

The government of Ontario has also began changing their plans to help the situation of its residents. It has been announced that no new eviction orders will be issued until further notice. This is part of a number of measures that the province wants to take to be able to protect their residents during the outbreak. The sheriff’s office has also been asked to postpone enforcement of any orders that were supposed to be served this week.

All this news comes ahead of Prime Minister Trudeau’s announcement. In light of attempting to curb the spread of COVID-19, Canada will close its borders to most foreign nationals. There are numerous exemptions, such as U.S citizens, diplomats and “essential workers”. Trudeau mentions that he recognizes that the Canadian and American economies are integrated and as such places them in a separate category than other nations. Asylum seekers that are entering the country will also be required to go under quarantine for 14 days, the government looks to provide a place to stay for them.

Even so, on March 19th, Trudeau announced that they are closing the border even with neighboring America. The border will be close to any non-essential travel between the two countries. It will remain open for personnel that have been designated as “essential” to maintain supply lines vital to supporting both countries. Members of these groups include truckers, health personnel and air crew. Trudeau mentions that both countries are still working on the fine print to be able to properly define who can and cannot cross the border. Despite all these measures being put into place, Canadians in the United States still maintain the right to come home, so they will be allowed to return.

Trudeau’s announcement comes after the Canadian federal government warned to its citizens abroad that they should get home while they still have the means to do so.

Part of the announcement mentions that airlines have been instructed to deny entry to anybody that shows symptoms. Those who are able to return to the country are being asked to self isolate for a period of 14 days. As that is what is estimated to be the upper bound for the incubation period for COVID-19, which is period between infection, and appearance of symptoms. The federal government is confident that its citizens will take the necessary steps, and are not putting enforcement measures in place to make sure that self isolation is mandatory. American visitors to the country are also being asked to self isolate.

Only four airports in the country will be takin international flights. Airports in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal. Steps are being taken to ensure the social distancing is safely practiced at airports and that common areas are disinfected.

In addition to this, Trudeau has announced an $82 billion aid package. Workers and businesses that are negatively affected by the country’s measures to curb the pandemic may be eligible for aid. Part of the package aims to adjust the criteria that determines who is eligible for employment insurance, and includes two emergency benefits for those deemed ineligible for EI normally. The federal government has released guidelines and information on who can apply, and how much aid residents can expect out of the aid package. He also mention that there is support on the way for retirees, as their savings have taken a large hit in recent times with the economic downturn.

The two important emergency benefits for those affected are the “Emergency Care Benefit” and the “Emergency Support Benefit”. The Emergency Care Benefit can provide up to $900 bi weekly for up to 15 weeks to those who have been affected by the current pandemic. It is supposed to be aid for those that do not qualify for EI, do not have paid sick leave, and cannot go to work. Workers, such as the self employed who are sick or quarantined can apply. Those who are home due to taking care of family members also qualify. Those who are staying home to care for their children are covered as well.

The Emergency Support Benefit will give aid up to workers who don’t qualify and are in danger of losing their jobs. Both benefits are in the works to be available in April.  

The emergency aid plan also look to give students a 6 month, interest-free reprieve on their loan payments. As well as extending tax deadlines until June 1st.

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