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We offer 24/7 emergency water damage restoration services in Toronto and the GTA including Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Scarborough and more.

GTA Restoration is a certified flood and water damage restoration company, and we have assisted thousands of home and property owners through the difficult process of water damage restoration and flood cleanup. Our response times are lighting quick, we offer competitive pricing, and we will assist you through each step of your property or home insurance claim.

Our certified and skilled team has 19 years of experience working in a variety of restoration emergencies. We have helped customers with flooded basement cleanupwater damage in ceiling and walls, water leak Detectionemergency plumbing instances, basement leaks and any other type of water damage you may encounter. GTA Restoration uses state-of-the-art water extraction, structural Inject drying and dehumidifying, infrared moisture and leak detection equipment. We also offer emergency plumber services and full renovation services.

We have experience working with every water damage problem that might occur, with a background in insurance adjustment we can guide you through your flood or water damage insurance claim with confidence, and you can trust us to restore your property back to its original state.

By focusing on serving Toronto in the GTA. You can count on us arriving to your property quickly in the case of an emergency. The quicker you call us, the faster we can be on your property and the more water damage we can prevent.

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Water Damage

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Water Damage Restoration Service in Toronto

The safety of your family comes first in any situation at home. The best thing to do is to limit your activities to those that you know you can do. When we get there, we’ll assist you in making a more thorough assessment of the situation and taking steps to limit further harm to your property.
Your property’s residential water damage will be evaluated by our professionals. Then, we’ll assist you in comprehending the extent of the harm so you can decide how to restore your home.
To find hidden moisture and remove standing water, First Response uses the best equipment.

About Our Home Services for Water Damage Restoration

Finding the root of the problem is the first step in dealing with water damage. The main causes of residential water damage are:
• Natural disasters and storm damage
• Roof leaks and ice dams
• Appliance leaks (from dishwashers, garbage disposals, and water heaters, for example)
• (Laundry facilities, restrooms
• Corroded, defective plumbing
• Sump pump malfunction
• Backup in a storm drain
• Fire-fighting efforts

Water damage is not all created equal. There are some situations that are more about than others, even though water damage (from flooding, plumbing leaks, appliance leaks, and more) should be examined and remedied by a professional.

Water Damage Mitigation

GTA Restoration’s First Response is a leader in the world for climate solutions for vital operations. We provide cutting-edge, effective, and friendly solutions to clients in sectors where managing humidity and temperature is essential. Through wise resource use, our solutions lessen the climate and environmental impact of our clients. Our solutions help to improve the climate, increase efficiency, and lower carbon emissions in this way. The business strategy and value creation of GTA Restoration includes sustainability.

Our water damage restoration process

• Depending on many different factors, the time required to complete a water restoration can vary. Our pages on water extraction, drying, and flood damage have more information on each of these topics.
• After any type of water ingress, water damage restoration must be done as soon as possible. Water mitigation involves minimizing any potential damage brought by water after a leak or flood to lessen the impact of a disaster.
• The urgency of the situation stems from the fact that untreated standing water may become more contaminated with time. The risk of microbial growth and content damage grows as water remains in one place. Water mitigation is crucial to any plan for repairing water damage Toronto.

Why Hiring a Professional is Important for Water Damage Restoration

Regardless of its severity, water damage requires immediate attention. Remediation and removal of water should not be attempted on your own. While some people try to handle the process on their own, many later realize that the problem’s root is much more complicated. Put your faith in First Response to restore your property to its pre-loss condition. Even the most complex water damage can be repaired by our experts because they are knowledgeable, skilled, and capable.

Why Us

If your home or business has experienced water damage due to flooding, broken pipes, backed- up sewer lines, leaky faucets or toilets, air conditioning units, old water heaters, or any other type of water damage, call the professionals at GTA Restoration for water damage restoration services close to you.

We are available day and night, seven days a week, so you can depend on us to help you remove any standing water and to keep an eye on the drying process. A serious threat of water damage to your home or business can be created with a few inches of water.

The quick and dependable water damage restoration services from GTA Restoration’s First Response can lessen the negative effects of water damage. When you need help the most, our water damage specialists are available around-the-clock, every day of the year, to fix the issue (if necessary) and stop further water damage.

If you’re looking for a water damage company, First Response’s professionals will conduct an on- site assessment and communicate with your insurance provider to make the water damage restoration process as simple as possible.

What to Do When You Discover Water Damage

• Keep your cool so that you can think clearly.
• Locate and close the water main or shut-off valve (often in the basement) to prevent any water source from further flooding if the flooding is due to an internal roof leak rather than a storm surge.
• Call a plumber if you are unable to stop the leak yourself.
• Before unplugging or removing any electrical devices, turn off the electrical breaker to the damaged areas.
• To avoid permanent stains, place aluminum foil under any furniture’s legs or feet that come into contact with wet carpet or water.
• Lift any drapes or curtains away from a wet floor or a body of water.
• Any upholstered furniture skirts should be raised and nailed.

How we resolve the problems

The water restoration experts at GTA Restoration are skilled at restoring your home or business as soon as possible if you need the services of a water damage company. No matter what time of day you call, a live First Response Team customer service agent will always answer and dispatch a specialist right away to assess the water damage and decide the best course of action. Before starting the water restoration cleanup process, they identify the type of water they’re dealing with for safety reasons.

Our trained professionals will remove any standing water, remove any salvageable materials, clean the affected areas, use disinfectants, deodorize, and dry the building. Before we begin working, throughout the process, and after we are done, the damage to your property and contents will be documented with pictures of the loss. To process your insurance claim, First Response staff members are also trained to draft sketches and make drying logs.

Steps to Take Right Away If Your Home Has Water Damage

1. Call Your Insurance Company
The type of homeowners insurance you need will depend on the other policies you have. To inspect the damage, check it, and decide whether it is a covered loss, the insurance company will send an adjuster. As many pictures before, during, and after cleanup as you can of the values of every item you can think of. When the adjuster is able to visit and check the damage, this will be helpful.

2. Safety First after Water Damage. Protecting Yourself, Appliances, and Valuables
Making sure you and your family are safe is the most crucial step in dealing with any significant home disaster, such as flooding and water damage. You can take some actions to maintain your home’s security.

2.1 Turn off the power
Electricity and water do not mix, of course. But, it is best to leave the situation alone and contact an electrician if turning off the power will need you to enter or stand in wet areas. If a home has been damaged by flooding, turn off the electricity before entering again.

2.2 Protect Your Valuables
To avoid leaving stains on the carpet, lift wooden furniture out from under wet carpeting and place tin foil under the legs. Remove any rugs that might be on wet flooring as well. If the flooding is severe enough, you might be forced to leave your home. When you get back to your house to start dealing with the fallout, make sure it is also secure. Never drive through any areas that are flooded!

3. Start Water Damage Repair Immediately
Make sure to take pictures of every damage before beginning the water damage removal process in a flooded home. This will be beneficial for any upcoming insurance claims you file. 24 to 48 hours after being given the all-clear to enter your home again, water damage restoration should begin if at all possible. The damage is too severe for one person or family to handle alone. To ensure the water damage removal process is completed and, seek help from a restoration service.

Be aware that to stop mold and mildew from spreading throughout your home, you might need to remove insulation, drywall, and flooring. Depending on the extent of the water damage, furniture may also need to be dried out, cleaned, or thrown away. Hardware floors can be damaged by water and moisture, so this process should be started right away.

4. How to Remove Humidity and Dry Out Water Damage
If you choose to begin the drying process on your own, put safety equipment on. Select what can be kept and dispose of anything that is unsafe or too damaged for use. If there is a lot of standing water, you can start removing it with buckets or plastic tubs. Following that, use a mop to absorb extra water in hard-to-reach areas.

Go to a nearby hardware store or even a grocery store to rent a wet-dry vacuum after the majority of the water has been drained. Allow the area to dry and ventilate after that. Use of a dehumidifier can speed up this process. If there isn’t much standing water, use the wet-dry vacuum right away.

If you live in a humid area, you will need to take care of any damp possessions even after all standing water has been removed from your home. If you can restart your electricity, use the central air conditioning to reduce humidity. The drying of damp areas of your home can be aided by dehumidifiers and floor fans like Air Movers. Delay your return so that mildew, mold, and other lingering issues do not occur.

Time is of the essence, and studies show that if the drying process is started in a home within the first 24 hours and completed in 3–4 days, the risk of mold and mildew will be significantly reduced.

5. Mold Identification
Mold may begin to grow after the first 24 hours following a flood and may be difficult to remove. The quicker you start drying off wet items, the less likely it is that mold will deteriorate them. If the situation worsens, you might need to completely remove the affected areas. Always be cautious and have a professional examine the situation.

6. Choosing What Must Be Restored Following Water Damage
The most time-consuming part of home restoration is dealing with water damage brought on by flooding. Repairs are required for broken objects, floors, even walls, etc. If extensive construction is required, be sure to hire a pro!

7. When to Re-Enter Your Home
Once your insurance provider, your restoration/construction business, and your local government (in the event of a natural disaster) have given you the all-clear, it’s time to return to your clean, dry, mold-free home!

Different phases of Water Damages

1. Within just a single hour up to a day Water damage will start to occur in your home once it has been exposed to water. At this point, furniture swells and cracks, drywall starts to bulge, and metal surfaces start to tarnish.

2. Water Damage Within 48 hours up through 7 days:
Your home will develop and spread mold and mildew. Metal may start to rust and corrode, and the doors, windows, and wood flooring may swell and warp. Additionally, there is a risk of significant biohazard contamination.

3. Water Damage After More than a Week:
Mildew and mold growth, structural damage, and biohazard contaminants may pose serious risks to you and your family if water damage lasts for longer than a week. The cost of repairing water damage could rise as a result of the restoration time delay.

At this point, the presence of mold spores and the need for mold remediation and decontamination services are almost certain.

Let us to solve the problem for you

The extent of the water damage will dictate how long it takes to actually clean and dries out your house and its contents. The process of restoring the water could be finished in as little as two days or it could take up to a week.

To finish the water cleanup procedure, our water damage drying equipment and air sanitizers are left on-site at your home or commercial place of business. Only after temperature, humidity, and moisture testing shows that the affected areas have dried to acceptable standards are we remove our cutting-edge equipment.

To relieve your stress during a trying time, GTA Restoration  will send the bill to your insurance provider.

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