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Asbestos Removal and Asbestos Remediation Service in Calgary

Asbestos should only be handled, removed, and disposed of by experts. By following regulations, asbestos abatement professionals can handle asbestos safely. To avoid asbestos exposure, it is critical to handle asbestos safely. When asbestos is handled incorrectly, the fibers can become airborne Asbestos exposure can occur when asbestos is handled incorrectly.  Asbestos fibers can be inhaled and become lodged in the lungs, abdomen, or heart linings. Asbestos exposure can result in diseases like asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

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Asbestos Cause Diseases 

Asbestos fibers can be inhaled and become lodged in the lungs, abdomen, or heart linings. Asbestos exposure can result in diseases like asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. Asbestos inhalation can cause tiny asbestos fibers to become lodged in the lungs and irritate lung tissues. According to scientific evidence, breathing asbestos can cause the non-cancer diseases e.g., Asbestosis is lung scarring caused by inhaling asbestos fibers. Because oxygen and carbon dioxide cannot easily pass into and out of scarred lungs, breathing becomes more difficult. Asbestosis usually develops in people who have had long periods of high exposure, but symptoms may appear years later.

Pleural disease is a non-cancerous lung condition characterized by changes in the membrane that surrounds the lungs and chest cavity. The membrane may thicken as a result of diffuse pleural thickening or in isolated areas, or fluid may accumulate around the lungs. Although not everyone with pleural changes has difficulty breathing, some may have less efficient lung function.

Why You Should Hire a Company For Asbestos Removal In Calgary

Because of regulations, product bans, and the use of safer alternatives, the use of asbestos has decreased in Calgary. However, asbestos exposure from old products and materials may still pose a risk to the general public.

Asbestos containing materials may be disturbed during a renovation or demolition. If building materials become worn or broken, premises owners and workers should contact an asbestos reduction company. Asbestos containing products in good condition and inclusiveness are generally thought to be safe. However, homeowners should keep an eye on these materials for signs of wear or damage.

It is critical that the general public have an asbestos abatement company evaluate the situation. Our abatement professionals can perform asbestos encapsulation or asbestos removal in Calgary.

Asbestos Handling and Removal In Calgary

Asbestos removal from old products and materials may pose a risk to the general public. It requires proper removal through abatement specialists who are trained and accredited. We are offering the legal and safe removal of asbestos from a building, home or worksite. Our company employs the asbestos inspector to do the initial inspection which is different from the removal contractors. This can help avoid a conflict of interest. In Calgary, only licensed asbestos contractors are permitted to handle and remove asbestos after testing.

Testing Process for Asbestos Removal

A licensed professional will first conduct a visual inspection of the area for potential hazards through following procedure:

  • The questionable material will then be removed by an inspector.
  • The samples will be analyzed by lab technicians to determine their asbestos content.
  • If the samples contain asbestos, the asbestos inspector will make recommendations for the next steps.
  • They may advise encapsulating the materials or completely removing them from the area.
  • During an encapsulation, specialists will apply a sealant to the asbestos materials. The coating will keep fibers from flying around.
  • If the damage is severe enough, the materials may need to be completely removed by mentioned procedure.

The Asbestos Removal Process

In Calgary asbestos can be remove through below steps:

  • To keep asbestos fibers from circulating, turn off HVAC units and seal vents.
  • Plastic sheeting should be used to enclose the work area.
  • To clean the workspace, use wet cleaning tools and HEPA filter vacuums.
  • All materials removed from the site should be stored in clearly labelled, leak-proof containers.

How To Get Rid Of Asbestos After Removal

Following asbestos removal, abatement professionals transport the materials to a landfill that is permitted to accept the waste. Each state and region have its own protocol for disposing of asbestos waste.

In Calgary before transporting asbestos containing materials to a disposal site, an asbestos abatement contractor should wet them and wrap them in plastic. Packaged asbestos is buried at the designated disposal site.

Is it possible to recycle asbestos?

Asbestos can be recycled in some cases. High heat is used to recycle asbestos, which eventually converts the fibers into an inert silicate glass. Asbestos fibers are destroyed by high temperatures, rendering asbestos non-hazardous.

Researchers reported submerging metals with asbestos coverings in a sodium hydroxide (NaOH) bath in one study. The asbestos was converted into a silica gel that could be used to make glass. Metals were recycled as well.

The technology and process for recycling asbestos are still being developed by researchers. The ability to recycle asbestos can help reduce the cost of asbestos disposal and prevent asbestos materials from being improperly disposed of.

Illegal Asbestos Exclusion And Incomplete Asbestos Removal

Individuals who attempt to remove asbestos without the assistance of a professional abatement contractor may face consequences. Illegal asbestos disposal may result in fines and punishments for the offender. Asbestos dumping has resulted in large fines and prison time. If asbestos removal companies in Calgary do not follow laws and procedures, they may face fines. Both public and occupational exposure may occur from improper abatement.

Tips For Asbestos Remediation In Calgary

  • Before proceeding with asbestos removal, homeowners should conduct research to find the best company.
  • Abatement companies should provide homeowners with multiple bids.
  • A written work plan should be provided by the contractors. The plan should specify how the area will be removed and cleaned up.
  • To ensure that the job is done correctly, asbestos removal plans should comply with all state and federal regulations.
  • Contractors should also be able to provide customer references as well as proof of worker certifications.
  • Homeowners and others can learn more about how to safely have asbestos removed from a home or building.

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Asbestos Removal Service in Calgary

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